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Wood resin

Epoxy resin for filling and repairing wood.

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Wood resin

Wood resin systems are used for filling cracks and holes and rejuvenate damaged wood as it creates a durable and waterproof seals which can be sanded or drilled.  Low viscosity resin can be used for filling hairline cracks and pin holes in wood and higher viscosity resins or resin putty for knot holes.

Wood coating resin

Wood coating epoxy resin are two-part liquids, mixed in recommended ratio to get a shiny durable coating on wood to create a protective, beautiful layer and is used in variety of craft projects. Coating on wooden surface with epoxy resin systems are mainly used for surface protection, water resistance and specifically used in boats wood sealing.  Epoxy adhesives are well suited for wood application, and it has good bonding properties. 

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Wood craft.jpg

Wood craft resin

Wood craft in combination with epoxy resin systems can create awesome products like resin table, coasters, wood embedded jewelry, top coated tabletops, chopping boards, skating boards and live edge river tables. 

Lapox Fillo - wood filler for filling gaps and joints in wood.

Lapox® Fillo

Lapox Fillo is a two component, solvent less epoxy system.  This product has a longer pot life to suit industry requirements. Addition fillers like wooden flour can be added if required.

Application: Filling joints and gaps in boat and ships

Filling joint and gaps in furniture and wooden articles

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