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Bondone epoxy resin

BondOne® Epoxy Resin

Best epoxy adhesives for art, craft, wood and stone.

Table top epoxy resin
BondOne clear cas.png

BondOne Clear Cast

BondOne® Clear cast is a modified clear casting epoxy resin system suitable for clear casting.


Tabletop casting

Casting decorative items

Coasters and photo frames


Mixing ratio (Resin; Hardener) 3:1


1.2 kg set ( 0.9 kg clear epoxy resin + 300gram hardener)

12 kg set (9kg clear epoxy resin + 3 kg hardener)

Bondone® ClearLam B

BondOne® ClearLam B is a modified, fast curing modified epoxy system for coating and lamination.


Coating and lamination of articles

Buckles and key chain

PVC and paper stickers

Mixing ratio (Resin: Hardener) 100:50

Packing: 1.5kg set (1kg clear epoxy resin + 500gram hardener)

BondOne ClearLam B_edited.png
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