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resin art material supplier

About Us

Si Concepts is a supplier of Atul epoxy resin systems based in Delhi NCR.  Atul Ltd is one of the biggest epoxy resin manufacturers in India. We supply world class epoxy systems for art, craft, wood, flooring, construction, windmills, marine and stone care applications. 

Epoxy resin art

If you are thinking about buying the right resin for your art and craft, we recommend our products  for you.

Epoxy resin is a two-part system consist of chemical named resin and hardener.  When these two chemicals are mixed together in recommended ratio, a chemical reaction causing the resin to become a hard glass like material.  

Epoxy resins are highly versatile products that can be used for a variety of applications like flooring, wood working, wind mills and construction.  Epoxy resins are widely used in art and craft industries to create jewelry, coasters, wall art tabletops, bar tops, counter tops and coating or laminations.

Epoxy resin applications

Epoxy resin art and craft epoxy resins

Art & Craft Resin

Clear epoxy resin systems

Best epoxy resin system in different specification as per your project needs.

marble coating and crack filling epoxy resin

Marble epoxy resin

Marble coating and crack filling 

Clear epoxy resin system for crack filling and coating on marble and granite.

epoxy resin for making interior decorative items

Interior decorations

Epoxy resin for interior decoration

Epoxy resin system for making wall clocks, coasters, tabletop and decorative items.

Why Choose Us.

Best quality materials from India's best brands

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