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resin-art-epoxy for casting and coating.

Art & Craft Epoxy Resin

Casting and topcoat applications.


Casting Epoxy resin

Casting resins are low viscosity, Bubble free, free flowing, wood compatible and slow curing systems suitable for pouring applications.  This system has more working time and generally used for casting items like:

  1. Casting river table,

  2. countertop

  3. bar top

  4. coffee table.

  5. Casting items in silicone molds


Topcoat epoxy resin

Topcoat epoxy systems are thick and fast curing.  It gives coated item a protective layer from moisture and scratches.  It has limited working time, and this system is generally used for below applications:

  1. Art and craft projects 

  2. Surface sealing table or work tops

  3. Topcoat on wood surface

  4. Lamination on paper and metals.


Jewelry  epoxy resin

Jewelry epoxy resin and hardener suitable for casting jewelry and pendants in silicone molds.

The system is clear having high gloss, medium viscosity, low shrinkage and compatible with color pigments. 

Mixing ratio (Resin: Hardener) 100:50

Packing: 1.5 kg set (1 kg clear epoxy resin + 500gram hardener)

granito-cast resin and hardener.

Cast Resin

Cast resin for clear casting and wood working. 

Mixing ratio (Resin: Hardener): 3:1

Packing 12kg, 1.2 kg

Price: ₹450 /kg

Marbobond-clear resin and hardener.

Marbobond Clear

Crack filling & coating resin for marble and granite

Mixing ratio (Resin: Hardener) 100:50

Packing 100:50

Price: ₹900 / 1.5 kg set


Metalam  B

Art and craft epoxy resin for casting and topcoat. 

Mixing ratio (Resin: Hardener) 100:50

Packing: 1.5 kg

Price: ₹900 / 1.5 kg set

Lapox-Fillo resin and hardener.

Lapox Fillo

Thixotropic wood filling and wood repairing resin.

Mixing ratio (Resin: Hardener) 1:1

Packing: 1.8 kg

Price: ₹ 545 / 1.8kg

granito-JR-150 resin and hardener.

Granito JR150

Coating, crack filler for marble and granite.

Mixing ratio (Resin: Hardener) 100:25

Packing :1.25 kg

Price: ₹790 / 1.25 kg set

Marbobond-hp resin and hardener.

Marbobond hp

Low viscosity clear epoxy system for cracking filling and coating granite and marble and stone care.

Mixing ratio (Resin: Hardener) 100:50

Price: ₹775 / 1.5 kg set

DIY Projects



Casting in mold

Silicone mold casting

Life edge table

Live edge table making

Jewelry and pendants

Jewelry casting.

Clear casting

Low viscosity casting

wood craft

Wood resin craft.



Lapox® epoxy resins are manufactured by Atul Ltd, pioneer in epoxy manufacturing in India.

It is amongst the largest manufacturers of epoxy resins and hardeners in India, offering world-class products under the brand name Lapox® with applications in bangles, construction chemicals, handicraft, stone care, wood working, jewelry making, furniture, flooring, marble coating and more.

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